Demo 2016

by Exert

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Demo 2016.



released January 6, 2016

Mixed and Mastered by David Scortado



all rights reserved


Exert Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Arizona hardcore.

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Track Name: Black Sheep
My mistakes shadow my mind constantly
So kill me if you want for the mistakes that i've made
I know this is something you won't understand
But im so far from where i need to be
This is just a home with no solid foundation
I long for the day i can be let out of this cage
But for now i see no escape
Forgive me for letting you down
And forgive me if i decide to cut the rope
But this is war
And i will fight blow for blow
Until im laying dead in the dirt
This cage is not my home.
Track Name: Natures Remedy
Done wasting my time can't sink below
I wont waste my time because this is something i have to do
I'm tired of losing sleep
Trying to explain everything
Because all the love
Ingrained in us
has been erased
Take it away
I find myself wanting to be taken away
Because in the end death is natures remedy
I find myself wanting to be taken away
Because all the love in this world will be erased.
Track Name: Lost Soul
We're all just lost souls searching for a way out
constantly searching for that ultimate peace
That is forever in the distance
Im fine living like a ghost
Searching for a place to call my home
In the end nothing matters
Because Death will come for us
And then we will all truly be equals
Im done forever waiting just to die
We're all just lost souls
Im done forever waiting just to die
Searching for a way out
Track Name: Purgatory
Forsaken bodies
Left in a forsaken world.
Track Name: Deadline
Death is my only deadline
Dizzy as the world suffers this generations heart attack
Unconditional hate to accompany each new day
My spirit left to roam free
Only to return
Washed up and frightened
Caged in at home
Waiting impatiently to be awakened
Forsaken bodies left in a forsaken world
Left to fend for themselves
Take whats left for yourself
And no one else.